Hello Readers! I’ve had no internet for a while, and been busy. More apologies! I’ve been doing a couple of hobby related things. I finished my entry for Armies on Parade for Games Day and go myself a medal. Below are some WIP pictures of it: It’s a big spinny vortex of doom! for my Daemons of Tzeentch to ride. […]

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NEWS: Nearly Unpacked!

I’ve nearly moved everything into my new house for the next year! It’s been a long two weeks of car trips and suitcase dragging. I don’t even have that much stuff really.. just bad at packing! And plus I’ve been trying to avoid it by going to GW and other places. I’ve been painting up some horrors of tzeentch and […]

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TOURNAMENT: Gauntlet 2011

This Novemeber is the annual Gauntlet tournament for the North East GW stores. We all head down to Warhammer World and have a small tournament for the day. I’ve been the last two years (with DW and Necrons) and done quite well! It took me a long while to decide what to take. I was planning to take a complete […]

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