Random Lists

Was making some posts on the M1M forum and thought I’d bring them over here too. Basically I’m still stumped on what to take to the upcoming Grand Tournament, it’s either my World Eaters or my Deathwing. I hope to have both painted by then so no worries in the department. I used to write lists as a sort of […]

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I’m still undecided on which list to take to the GT in November, it’s still between Deathwing and Khorne. I’ve been fiddling with the lists slightly after playing a couple of games. My buddy Phill helped me write a new Deathwing list whilst we were chatting on PapaNurgle.com. It’s pretty similar to what I had before but I think it […]

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Quiet Weekend and GT Thoughts

Well I was out at a friends most of this weekend. Saturday we got roasted and Sunday we got drenched. Crazy British weather! Anyway, I picked up a can of grey primer to get the bases painted quickly on my Deathwing Force. Gareth won the “challenge Gareth” thing on The Painted Dragon by painting his force in just over 7 […]

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