Necrons of the Mephrit Dynasty Showcase


I’m slowly plodding along with painting the Necrons. I sort of got distracted by Age of Sigmar and painting a Tree army…  Anyway, so far I’ve painted up the Lord and a few troop choices. I have the Lychguard nearly finished and there’s a fair bit ready to progress with.  With regards to the campaign they’re part of; it’s progressing […]

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Nihilakh Dynasty Necron Commission Showcase


A small quick commission I painted in a day at the Tabletop Level consisting of the new plastic Overlord, the older Finecast Overlord and a squad of 5 Lychguard with Dispersion shields. The client asked for them in the Nihilakh Dynasty scheme and a run through of how they were painted, which I’ve put below the images! I’ll be starting […]

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Necron Commission – Ghost Ark and Deathmarks


This week I finished up the Necron commission, it took a little longer than anticipated as I was apartment hunting with Amy (we found an apartment!). Started with the Deathmarks. I’ve always liked these models and they perform decently in-game too. Can’t go wrong with Scarabs really, there’s normally five bases in the battle force but was asked to make […]

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Necron Commission: Necron Warriors


This week I’ve mainly been working on Necron Warriors! The scheme is a previously painted scheme (I don’t know who by sorry) that I’ve been asked to replicate for a Necron Battle Force. Line Highlights aren’t usually my thing but the colours look pretty cool! The only thing I’d change if it was my army would be the metal highlights, I’d […]

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NECRONS: Valgul The Fallen Lord Conversion Painted!

SO I finally got around to painting Valgul The Fallen Lord, or blinky, or old one eye, whatever you feel like calling him! I tried to keep similar colours to the over Lord and Overlords, but slightly muted and worn to represent his surroundings. I used the same method of painting gold as usual (Two coats of Cassandora Yellow over […]

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