Ork Biker Test Model

Painted up an Ork Biker to the Pro standard as a test piece for commission work, there’s a few more things I would have liked to add to him but ran out of time, the sort of things that’d I’d do on the army such as more distinct markings and colours as well as some gore on the claw. The […]

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FOR SALE: Orks! Cheap!

I have an Ork army I bought and assembled, and then used like three times before realising an army with more than 20 models on the board at once isn’t for me 😉 So I’ve decided to sell them! Here is the list of what I have! 20 choppa boyz 5 rokkit launchas 2 nobz with PK’s 5 lootas 6 […]

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Ork Boar-Biker

Remember them? They were one of my magical ideas that never came into creation.. UNTIL NOW. Ok, I only built one, and that’s because I was too tired to paint, thought I’d show you him anyway:

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