Tau Empire Army For Sale

Tau Empire

Around 1500pts of Tau Empire for sale, this is the army I painted for myself a while back but no longer have a need for it! It consists of a forge world commander with drones, 6 stealth suits with two drones. 3 devilish with SMS, 3 squads of 6 fire warriors, 2 piranhas with removable drones, two hammerheads and a […]

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Tau Empire Commission Complete

Was asked to paint a couple of Tau Empire units to my Pro standard for a small commission. I really like the new Pathfinder kit, so much better than the Fire Warriors! The lines and edges are all sharper and neater. I think if I did a Tau army again I’d use the Pathfinders without marker lights as my troops […]

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Khorne Berzerkers Commission

A squad of Khorne Berzerkers with World Eaters Forgeworld conversion kit and chain axes I painted as part of a larger Chaos commission (these and 40 cultists!) I was also asked to convert up (another) Kharn the Betrayer using the same method as my original conversion. The photo makes them look a bit brighter than they actually are! The red […]

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Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rulebook Review

So last night I went to see the new X-men film with the other half, which happened to finish at around midnight, which (total coincidence..) was when GW Hull opened at midnight for a short while to sell the new 40k rulebook! Initially I wasn’t going to buy the hardback book(s) and just get the Digital version from iTunes iBooks […]

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