Kharn the Betrayer Conversion Commission (2)

Finished the painting on the Kharn the Betrayer conversion! Few hours spent on him today before watching the Football. He’s painted at the “Professional” level of painting I offer for commissions. Unlinke my usual Kharn conversions, this one was converted from the Forge World Horus Heresy Kharn, with Chaos bits added. Lovely model that I enjoyed converting and painting! Less […]

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Kharn the Betrayer Conversion Commission

Been busy doing lots of commission work recently, not much spare time for Tomb Kings! Next week I’ll be ploughing through painting the Tomb Kings as it’s Doubles in less that two weeks! Between painting commissions I’ve been asked to convert and paint up another Kharn the Betrayer conversion, however this one is based on the Forge World model with […]

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Codex Imperial Knights Review

A new and somewhat different addition to the usual Codexes that Games Workshop produce; Codex Imperial Knights contains the full rules for fielding Imperial Knights in games of Warhammer 40,000. Giving the player the option to field them either as an allied attachment, or as a standalone Primary detachment. Yes, you can have an army of just Imperial Knights! There’s […]

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Imperial Knights Pre-Order Commission Special Offer!

The brand new imperial knight has gone up for pre order on games workshops website! From now until their release next weekend save 10% on the commission fee for having one professionally built and painted by myself. So instead of £85 fee it’d be £76.50 to get one of these bad boys (or girls) painted, transfers and all. Make sure […]

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Space Hulk Terminators Commission Complete


Managed to get the space hulk terminators finished last week, tho Genestealers will have to wait for now however as I have more lizardmen to paint! Sergeant Gideon Brother Leon Brother Goriel Brother Claudio Brother Scipio Brother Omnio Brother Noctis Brother Deino Brother Valencio Brother Zael Sergeant Lorenzo

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