Farsight Tau Pathfinders Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint a unit of Tau Pathfinders in the classic Farsight Enclaves colour scheme as a gift. I really enjoy working on the Pathfinder models as the sculpts are really crisp (not like the Fire Warriors..). I started by aibrushing the Khorne red onto the armour plates and lightly drybrushing the edges with Evil Suns Scarlett and […]

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Space Hulk Commission Showcase


Being a full time painter I often end up painting the same things multiple times. This can be a bit repetitive and tiresome if they’re all very close together however this Space Hulk commission was about a year apart from when I painted another set meaning I was able to see how my techiques have changed and developed over the […]

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Nihilakh Dynasty Necron Commission Showcase


A small quick commission I painted in a day at the Tabletop Level consisting of the new plastic Overlord, the older Finecast Overlord and a squad of 5 Lychguard with Dispersion shields. The client asked for them in the Nihilakh Dynasty scheme and a run through of how they were painted, which I’ve put below the images! I’ll be starting […]

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Urban Tau Empire Commission Showcase


A different style of Tau that I normally paint (desert!) this urban Tau force is part of an ongoing commission with various batches spread across the year. The first batch consisted of 60 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, an Etheral, A Cadre Fireblade, Darkstrider and 4 Devilfish. The scheme was acheived by spraying the models black and then two different greys. […]

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Assassinorum Execution Force Assassin Showcase


 It’s always really rewarding to find some time to paint my own models! Painting full time during the week means I rarely want to spend my evenings and weekends painting more models – unless I’m quite inspired to do so! Usually this involves painting for an event (such as my Tomb King last May for Battle Brothers) or a campaign […]

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