Chaplain Dread and Termi..

And a base! Ok, been busy today, mostly testing out how I want to do the details on my Deathwing army, so far I’ve been doing a “mega army batch” style of painting but now I’m going back to getting one squad at a time done now that the most difficult colours are sorted. Bases In between the frequent rain […]

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Quiet Weekend and GT Thoughts

Well I was out at a friends most of this weekend. Saturday we got roasted and Sunday we got drenched. Crazy British weather! Anyway, I picked up a can of grey primer to get the bases painted quickly on my Deathwing Force. Gareth won the “challenge Gareth” thing on The Painted Dragon by painting his force in just over 7 […]

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Dropping Podding

Spent most of today painting up the thing I dreaded painting most. The Drop Pod I glued the doors shut as it’s only a dread in it. No one can argue that they don’t open when they’re glued 😉 Here are the stages of progression: Armour and Greys painted. Looks pretty bad here. Added badab black to the rivets and […]

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