Object Source Lighting Tests – OSL

I’ve been trying out new methods of creating Object Source Lighting effects (Or OSL). I really dislike the airbrush method I see a lot these days, it just looks too… “airbrushed” if you get me. It doesn’t reflect off areas like it should do. Normally I prefer using paints or dry pigments such as the green OSL glow I commonly […]

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Dark Angel Scouts Commission

Quick small commission at the “Above Tabletop Standard”. A unit of 10 Space Marine Scouts of the Dark Angels chapter armed with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks. I really like the Sniper scouts compared to the normal scouts. The models are a little chunky and plain compared to the newer releases but I don’t see them getting re-done anytime soon […]

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Slaanesh Daemonettes Commission

Well the facebook competition give-away is going strong with over 80 comments so far 🙂 Also if you haven’t yet read it on the Facebook page, I’m now a full time commission painter. Hurrah! I have enough work booked for the following months that I was able to leave my part-time position (I did IT and Web Development for a small […]

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Space Wolves For Sale!

I’ve put on eBay a few painted Space Wolf Terminators I had from a few years back. Speaking of space wolves me and Amy picked up the Storm Claw box set from our local GW yesterday so that’ll be making an appearance soon on the site 🙂 link to eBay Listings! Listings have now ended!

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Tau Empire Army For Sale

Tau Empire

Around 1500pts of Tau Empire for sale, this is the army I painted for myself a while back but no longer have a need for it! It consists of a forge world commander with drones, 6 stealth suits with two drones. 3 devilish with SMS, 3 squads of 6 fire warriors, 2 piranhas with removable drones, two hammerheads and a […]

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