Badab Black > Life

Well, I hoped to spend the majority of my day painting my Deathwing, other things got in the way as usual. HOWEVER I did manage to get all the terminators and Dreadnought base coated and wash them with badab black. Now I need more! Here’s the basic stages for my armour: Base coat Iyanden DarkSun Wash heavily with Badab Black […]

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The Line Up

I wanted to post them all with criminal cards against a background like they’d been arrested.. but though I’d better spend my time updating site instead -_- I currently have three terminators on the go: A “normal” army using current models and FW bits, a “metal” army using the RogueTrader Terminators and a “Space Hulk” army which uses the one […]

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Decisions…Decisions… At the moment I’m not terribly happy with the paint scheme for my Deathwing, I’ve only painted on model and at the time I was happy with it, now I’m not. I know this sounds TERRIBLY lazy, but I quite like just the Iyanden Darksun with Badab Black wash look.. it’s smooth and shaded.. It’s darker than Deathwing armour, […]

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