Space Hulk Commission Showcase

Being a full time painter I often end up painting the same things multiple times. This can be a bit repetitive and tiresome if they’re all very close together however this Space Hulk commission was about a year apart from when I painted another set meaning I was able to see how my techiques have changed and developed over the […]

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Space Hulk Terminators Commission Complete


Managed to get the space hulk terminators finished last week, tho Genestealers will have to wait for now however as I have more lizardmen to paint! Sergeant Gideon Brother Leon Brother Goriel Brother Claudio Brother Scipio Brother Omnio Brother Noctis Brother Deino Brother Valencio Brother Zael Sergeant Lorenzo

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Space Hulk Clock/Timer Download!

For one of my projects at university, I had to make an adobe air clock, so I decided to go all out and make a space hulk themed one with a three minute timer included! can find it on the downloads page of my dedicated Space Hulk site!

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Thursday Gaming: SPACE HULK

For some reason, my local GW won’t let us play Space Hulk in the store, no idea why.. So instead of hanging around all afternoon, me and Darklighter (Conflict Scotland partner) decided to go back to my appartment (the joy of living across the road from GW!) to have a game of Space Hulk. We decided to play The Artefact […]

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Weekend Gaming: Space Hulk, Sanguinary Guard

Went to my friends house last night to get some practice 1750 games in for Open War, 4 of us including me were there! We all arrived Friday night, ordered in the Pizzas, and set up a gigantic Space Hulk board from our imagination. We had a couple of objectives and the board was sort of split into two so […]

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