Gabriel Seth Conversion

This Gabriel Seth conversionĀ formed part of my Angels of Redemption force for a Doubles tournament a few years back. My Gabriel Seth conversion isĀ built from a Legion of the Dammed Marine, with a different head and new arms to hold the sword from the Empire Battle Wizards kit:

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Deathwing: 1500pt Army list 6th Edition and Tactics

With the release of the new Dark Angels Codex yesterday I have written a new Deathwing army list! I thought I had resisted the temptation all this week but I finally caved and have decided to revisit the army. I’ve painted easily over a hundred Deathwing terminators over the last few years through various commissions and projects, all starting with […]

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40k Doubles 2011 Review, PtI: GAMES

So this weekend I was down at doubles with Krom_Stormbrow (check out his blog!). Was a fantastic weekend, played some great games and saw lots of great armies! We ended up with 4 wins, a loss and a draw, no idea where we came overall, should find out today or tomorrow hopefully! First game was IG and Orks, they battered […]

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