Sanguinary Guard Commission Showcase


I was asked to paint up a single squad of Sanguinary Guard from the Blood Angels army as a one off commission. I’ve always liked these models however I just wish there was a better way to connect the wings! I leave them off for painting purposes so they are superglued on. If anyone has any tips that’d be great! […]

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Space Hulk Commission Showcase


Being a full time painter I often end up painting the same things multiple times. This can be a bit repetitive and tiresome if they’re all very close together however this Space Hulk commission was about a year apart from when I painted another set meaning I was able to see how my techiques have changed and developed over the […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission Complete

Sanguinary Guard commission (3)

Yesterday I finished working on the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard unit and The Sanguinor as part of a small commission. I think that these models will benefit from the new larger 32mm bases that the Blood Angels appear to be packaged with now as they’re a little top heavy – I stuck 1p pieces to the bottom of my own […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission 2

Sanguinary Guard (1)

Continuing from yesterday’s post, I plodded along with the Sanguinary Guard today getting most of the details done. The clients specifications were just like the box so I went with the lightning effect on the swords which contrasts nicely with the bright wings. I added some chipping to the wings to break up the white and added scorch marks on […]

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Sanguinary Guard Commission


In my last post I mentioned about getting the Dwarfs complete before moving… well that didn’t happen! The client was happy for me to leave them until after I had moved (and so he could add some more stuff to them too!). The move is now complete (almost… if you’ve been following me on Facebook you’ll have seen the picture […]

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