Space Hulk Terminators Commission Complete


Managed to get the space hulk terminators finished last week, tho Genestealers will have to wait for now however as I have more lizardmen to paint! Sergeant Gideon Brother Leon Brother Goriel Brother Claudio Brother Scipio Brother Omnio Brother Noctis Brother Deino Brother Valencio Brother Zael Sergeant Lorenzo

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COMMISSIONS: Tyranid Stuff

Last week I ploughed through doing a battleforce worth of Nids for a Commission, downside is I totally forgot to take photos! However I’ve been asked to do a Hive Tyrant and some Zoanthropes, so will make sure I get photos of them! This week and next I’ll be painting up Deathwing in my OLD style. I’ve learnt a lot […]

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Blood Bowl: High Elf Team DONE

I picked up a load of high elf bits yesterday, and worked until the early hours of the night to get the team built, painted and based. Not my best work, but not bad for an evenings work! The team consists of a thrower (the poor guy getting stomped on, and punching the skelly), two blitzers (the lion capes), the […]

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Review: Citadel Finecast, Dante and Commissar Lord

I went down to my local GW today to drool over the new finecast models. I purchased a few things, my main two being Dante and the Commissar Lord, both looking extremely sweet in Finecast. So I got them, the clip out beautifully, and are really easy to tidy up.Glue works really well, literally 2 seconds and the parts were […]

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