Count as Seth WIP

Instead of the Shrike list, I think I will take a BA list with the Storm Raven in. Me and Krom are simply going for the “cool” factor rather than to win, if you recall last year, we took Wolfwing and Deathwing! So the new list will be led by Seth, with 5 TH/SS terminators, in a Stormraven, and then […]

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Sanguinary Guard MkII WIP

I quickly built up the rest of my Sanguinary Guard on Thursday so I could use them in a 1k game, the army is only 14 models strong.. so I expect it to perform terribly!

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Sanguinary Guard: Best Painted Army Award!

Here are a couple of shots I took at Warhammer World on Saturday, I attended the Open War 13 tournament, and walked away with the Best Painted army award! I’ll upload and post the rest of the armies later, as well as details on the 1 Year Give Away!

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