Deathwing Commission 2013

Here I am again painting another Deathwing army! However this time its a little different! I’m using Forge World Cataphractii pattern TerminatorsĀ and left over Deathwing TerminatorĀ parts. I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest:

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Tutorial: How To Drill Gun Barrels

I find that it’s the little details that make models look that much better on the tabletop. Little things like removing mold lines, gap filling and of course, drilling gun barrels! I thought I would demonstrate this on the new Deathwing Terminators! I have my own little method when it comes to drilling out gun barrels on my models, and […]

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Deathwing 6th Edition Army (1)

A few days ago I posted the list for my new shiny Deathwing Army using the new Dark Angels Codex. Well the models arrived from Games Workshop today (despite all the snow!) and this evening I have been glueing away šŸ™‚ So we have the Deathwing Command Squad, all with shoulder shield things, the big banner and Champion. I added […]

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