Dark Vengeance Commission Complete


I finished painting the Dark vengeance set yesterday and based it this morning I don’t want to think how many cultists I’ve painted since this set has come out! For a starter set some of the models are very detailed – especially the chaos half of the kit. If I was a beginner I’d be pretty overwhelmed at the amount […]

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Dark Vengeance Commission Part 1


I’m currently painting up a Dark Vengeance set as a tabletop commission. This is the second set I’ve painted (and I think I have a third to do soon!). I decided to paint the Dark Angel half first. I went with a strong OSL on the plasma weapons and biker lights to add a bit of interest to the basic […]

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Dark Vengeance Commission


First set of Dark Vengeance I’m painting at Tabletop Level. Truly the best Starter Set for getting into the hobby, the amount of models and the level of detail are phenomenal! How they fit together is truly a masterpiece in design. For more details on how I did the glow check out this post on OSL.

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Object Source Lighting Tests – OSL


I’ve been trying out new methods of creating Object Source Lighting effects (Or OSL). I really dislike the airbrush method I see a lot these days, it just looks too… “airbrushed” if you get me. It doesn’t reflect off areas like it should do. Normally I prefer using paints or dry pigments such as the green OSL glow I commonly […]

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Commission: Deathwing Terminator Librarian Conversion


Update time! Getting back onto some commissions this month, starting with this Deathwing Terminator Librarian. He’s made to join the rest of the Deathwing commission from the summer.

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