40k: The Deathwing Return..

Ah I do love TSOALR, I ended up reading through the first 300 of them last night… Related to the comic above, the Deathwing RETURN.. AGAIN! I’ve been asked to do a commission of 20 TH/SS terminators, Belial and a couple of Dreadnoughts. This will be the last Deathwing I do for a while.. at least until the new book […]

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COMMISSIONS: Tyranid Stuff

Last week I ploughed through doing a battleforce worth of Nids for a Commission, downside is I totally forgot to take photos! However I’ve been asked to do a Hive Tyrant and some Zoanthropes, so will make sure I get photos of them! This week and next I’ll be painting up Deathwing in my OLD style. I’ve learnt a lot […]

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COMMISSION: Deathwing Commander WIP (2)

Some more photos of the Calgar-like-commander! Still not brilliant as I took them with my phone! Daylight will help, more after I’ve slept! Not bad for a days work.

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