Space Wolves For Sale!

I’ve put on eBay a few painted Space Wolf Terminators I had from a few years back. Speaking of space wolves me and Amy picked up the Storm Claw box set from our local GW yesterday so that’ll be making an appearance soon on the site 🙂 link to eBay Listings! Listings have now ended!

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Space Hulk Terminators Commission Complete


Managed to get the space hulk terminators finished last week, tho Genestealers will have to wait for now however as I have more lizardmen to paint! Sergeant Gideon Brother Leon Brother Goriel Brother Claudio Brother Scipio Brother Omnio Brother Noctis Brother Deino Brother Valencio Brother Zael Sergeant Lorenzo

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Commission: Deathwing Terminator Librarian Conversion

Update time! Getting back onto some commissions this month, starting with this Deathwing Terminator Librarian. He’s made to join the rest of the Deathwing commission from the summer.

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Deathwing Commission Complete

Apart from one or two minor adjustments wanted by client the Deathwing commission is done! Check out more images in the Deathwing Gallery  

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Deathwing Chaplain Conversion 360 Spin

A 360 spin of my converted Deathwing Chaplain. The armour is painted using citadel shades over a grey base 🙂

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