Space Wolves For Sale!


I’ve put on eBay a few painted Space Wolf Terminators I had from a few years back. Speaking of space wolves me and Amy picked up the Storm Claw box set from our local GW yesterday so that’ll be making an appearance soon on the┬ásite link to eBay Listings! Listings have now ended!

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Space Wolves: Wolf Guard Terminator (8)

Number 8! Put up a preview of this guy on Facebook last night Decided to try something different on this one, adding the jagged pattern to the shoulder pad adds a bit of variety to the army.

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Space Wolves: Wolf Guard Terminator (7)

Just over a third of the way to completion on the army! 11 left to do The combi-melta is from a Chaos terminator I believe, I filed off the symbols a long time ago. On an unrelated note, I found some more Flamers of Tzeentch, 3 finecast ones and 6 metal.. bringing my total to 18!

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Space Wolves: Njal Stormcaller (6)

Got this guy from the girlfriend the other Christmas.. or was it Birthday?… Anyway, he was really shiny (he’s metal) and the paint was having difficulties sticking.. even after washing him as I suspected this would happen. I used a few coats of washes on the fur to give it some sealant.

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Space Wolves: Wolf Guard Terminator (5)

“I am heavy weapons Guy… and this is my weapon” I also took some better photos of some of the others. Seems my lamps were all squiff and weren’t giving me enough light in my light-booth.

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