Farsight Tau Pathfinders Commission Showcase

I was asked to paint a unit of Tau Pathfinders in the classic Farsight Enclaves colour scheme as a gift. I really enjoy working on the Pathfinder models as the sculpts are really crisp (not like the Fire Warriors..). I started by aibrushing the Khorne red onto the armour plates and lightly drybrushing the edges with Evil Suns Scarlett and […]

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Urban Tau Empire Commission Showcase

A different style of Tau that I normally paint (desert!) this urban Tau force is part of an ongoing commission with various batches spread across the year. The first batch consisted of 60 Fire Warriors, 20 Pathfinders, an Etheral, A Cadre Fireblade, Darkstrider and 4 Devilfish. The scheme was acheived by spraying the models black and then two different greys. […]

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Tau Riptide Showcase

Yesterday I painted up a Tau Riptide battlesuit for my Tau army. There’s not much left to paint for this army now – and then I can start on the Tyranids! I used the same colours as the rest of my tau, followed by the usual gloss and oil wash. Once sprayed with Matt varnish I do all the glows […]

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Tau Empire Expansion Units

Today I decided to paint up a couple of additional units for my Tau army. Luckily I wrote down the scheme during the 5 days I painted the army a few years back. I decided to paint the Sunshark bomber, Shadowsun and the command drone. For Shadowsun I gave her a male head as I plan to use her as […]

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Tau Empire Army For Sale

Tau Empire

Around 1500pts of Tau Empire for sale, this is the army I painted for myself a while back but no longer have a need for it! It consists of a forge world commander with drones, 6 stealth suits with two drones. 3 devilish with SMS, 3 squads of 6 fire warriors, 2 piranhas with removable drones, two hammerheads and a […]

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