Tyranid Maleceptor Showcase

I’ve finished the first model of my new Tyranid army, a Maleceptor. I started this army after picking up the Deathstorm boxset, which is great value for money! So far I’ve read through the Leviathan book and just started on Exterminatus Which have both been great reads so far! My new Tyranid force is named Hive Fleet Vanus, which translates […]

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2015 Hobby Plans and 2014 Recap

So another year has passed us by! 2014 has been a good year hobby wise, I started painting commissions full time back in August which has been a great success with bookings well into 2015 in place. The website is one of the top ranking sites for commission searches, and the highest for an single person studio! The site has […]

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Dataslate: Tyranid Vanguard Rising Leviathan 1 Review

The first in a series of three data slates for the Tyranids, ‘Rising Leviathan’ details how Hive Fleet Leviathan infiltrated and attacked the world of Satys. I purchased the dataslate on iTunes and am using the iPad mini with retina display for viewing. The dataslate cost £9.99 and within it describes the first part of the Tyranid invasion, 5 new […]

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