Vampire Lord Commission Showcase


Painted up this cool vampire Lord today. The client didn’t want the little bat thing on his back and wanted the rapier turning into a normal sword which was simple enough He was quite enjoyable to paint using a variety of techniques such as sponge stippling to add some natural texture to his wing arm which was then toned down […]

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Tomb King Army Showcase


I finally got around to taking photos of the Tomb King army I painted last May for Fantasy Doubles at Warhammer World. In total it comes to 2000pts and consists of a variety of units so I didn’t go mad painting a million skeletons!

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Warhammer Dwarf Commission Showcase


I finished painting and basing the dwarf army last night. I generally let the snow mixture set overnight so it’s completely solid ready for packing and sending. Overall I’m very pleased with how the full army looks, I even dug out a piece of my board to photograph the army on:

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Warhammer Dwarf a Commission Part 3


The dwarf commission continues and is moving into its final steps with the last few units being painted. At the end of last week and yesterday I worked on the Dwarf Hammerers. The new plastic sets are very well made and put the older kits to shame, the only downside being the cost of one box! I continued the red […]

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Warhammer Dwarf Commission Part 2


Today on the dwarf commission I managed to make progress on the artillery, thunderers and quarrellers. All the main colours are on and all that’s left is to finish the beards and bases. As mentioned in yesterday’s post I painted all the beards with shades of browns to tie in with the Red and bronze colours. I also added some […]

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