OGRES: Dwarf Slayer Maneater Conversions Painting!

Long time without a post, something that I’m meant to be trying to fix too! Anyway, progress has been slow again. Which isn’t great considering I have a tournament soon! Ahh! This morning I’ve been cracking on with the Slayer conversions. I think the ginger hair came out pretty well and once the bases (And maybe some warpaint) are done […]

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Storm of Magic!

Played a game of the new Storm of Magic expansion. I can say that I enjoyed it despite getting completely battered, I was using dwarves and one of my runedudes got kicked off his fulcrum turn one, meaning my opponent had dominance level spells, then irresistibly cast a spell that makes my Movement, Bs, Ws and Ld 1.. and then […]

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