Warhammer Empire Commission Gallery

Warhammer Empire

I’ve managed to find a few photos of the Empire whilst I sort my Photobooth out. These were taken during Battle Brothers Gaming tournament at Warhammer World, Nottingham! View the Full Gallery

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DOUBLES: Empire Teutogen Guard Painted

Now that the distraction of the Three Tau Riptides is done, I’ve gone back to the Empire. I’m currently working on the Crossbows but managed to snap a few photos of the finished Teutogen Guard unit. The models have some lovely detail, shame there aren’t many varieties but as they’re an OOP can’t change that! They’re painted in the Marienburg […]

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Not Quite Dead Yet..

Howdy! Seems I’ve been neglecting the site again. Hopefully you’ve all been keeping up to date with my hobby antics on Facebook! The Empire are still being painted (naturally.. always leave it until last minute!). The Tau have been back out on the gaming tables after a long break of not playing. Tonight I built two riptides (instead of painting […]

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WFB DOUBLES: Balthasar Gelt WIP

Slowly plodding along with the Empire, lots to do but pretty confident I’ll get it done in time 😉 I managed to find a suitable mount for Gelt, saving myself like £15 on a Peg Knight! I also started building the Crossbows this morning. We’re going for a unit of 20 with command. An engineer or wizard can sit in […]

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WFB DOUBLES: Planning, Ideas and Panic

It suddenly dawned on me today that this years Fantasy Doubles event is fast approaching! It’s on 11th-12th May.. which is like.. 6 weeks away maybe? Last year we took Ogres and Empire, however this year they changed the format slightly; we can now take a single 2000pt list or two single 1000pt lists. I’m not a fan of this […]

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