Agrellan Earth Test on Lizardmen Base

I received my new citadel special effect paints other day so decided to quickly test out my pot of Agrellan Earth to make sure it worked okay. There was a bad batch apparently.. But luckily mine works great! Really impressed with this paint and plan to use it a fair bit. I’ll be writing a full review of all the […]

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Lizardmen Commission Part 2: Painting Orange

So I managed to build all the lizardmen this week, and started base coating them all orange. I start with priming them grey with vallejo grey airbrush primer. You’re meant to be able to use this straight from the pot but I always thin it a little anyway. Next I based them all with Jokaero Orange which I thin with […]

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Lizardmen Commission Part 1

I have a rather large lizardmen Commission this month, well in fact it’s two but I’ll be working on them at the same time 🙂 First stage of course is the building! Today I managed to build the three stegadons, three bastiladons and some of the terradons. I’ve been playing a lot of Skylanders recently, with the latest instalment of […]

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