Ogre Maneaters Built! (Doubles)

It dawned on me the other night that there is only about 10 weeks left until Warhammer Doubles in May! So I started planning! I have this week to build all the stuff and then a unit or two a week which will take me til May with some breathing space. So far the Empire are all built, and the […]

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OGRES: Empire Maneater Ogre Conversion

Me and a friend have decided to go to Doubles for Fantasy in May. He’s going to take his Empire (using the FW models) and I’m going to take my Ogres. I’d like to have a shot at best painted army, and I think bog standard ogres just don’t cut it next to FW empire… So I’ve decided to make […]

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OGRES: The March of the Ogres Begins!

I’ve decided to concentrate on Fantasy for a while. Been reading the rulebook and writing lists, plus my local store is also running a small 800pt campaign, which will help me develop my skills and rules knowledge! Here is some pictures of the full 2400pt force! I decided on a tomb king themed force after having a million parts left […]

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