TOMB KINGS: Hierotitan WIP (2)

After some feedback on aTomb Kings Forum, I’ve decided to lengthen the legs on my Hierotitan and put him on a bigger base: Also I found the picture before Greenstuff!

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TOMB KINGS: Hierotitan Work in Progress

To go along with the Tomb kings I’ve decided to make a Hierotitan. I used the Necrosphinx kit for 99% of it, with some chariot banners to make the scale poles. I used greenstuff and milliput to fill the gaps between the legs and arms and gave it a thin coat of liquid greenstuff to help blend it together.

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Commission: Tomb Kings

Been a weird week, so a bit un-organised hobby wise! I was meant to be having the week off, I spent the first half jumping between different things, and then settled down to do some painting today. I’m also in progress of moving house! Yay! Anyway! Tomb Kings! Painting thiss army for a friend, has a LOT of models in […]

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