Blood Bowl: High Elf Team DONE

I picked up a load of high elf bits yesterday, and worked until the early hours of the night to get the team built, painted and based. Not my best work, but not bad for an evenings work!

The team consists of a thrower (the poor guy getting stomped on, and punching the skelly), two blitzers (the lion capes), the catchers (the girly looking elves in dresses) and then 6 linemen. Gaming wise I also have 2 re-rolls.

and here’s a sneak of what’s coming up next for my BB collection:

  • Airbornegrove26

    Just wondering if anyone had heard from Tim, or if he is on Holiday?  I haven’t heard from him for a couple of weeks.  He is working on a commission for me.  Any info would be helpful.

  • Guest

    He was supposed to start on mine tomorrow… haven’t heard from him in a few weeks as well…

  • Airbornegrove26

     He has been really good with his communication lately this is a bit out of character.  Hopefully everything is alright.

  • Guest

    Yeah I hope nothing is wrong!

  • Dezartfox

    Been dieing of man flu all week guys, sorry!

  • Sander Spenkelink

     Ahh Figures.

    Well hope you get well soon.

  • Airbornegrove26

    Whoo, Glad to here from you Tim!   No worries, just heal up. =)