Blood Bowl Human, Orc and Skaven Team Commissions

Phew! Busy last few weeks trying to organise projects before I move to a new apartment!

Last week I painted a total of three blood bowl teams for two different commissions.

First up was the Skaven Team from Black Scorpion miniatures. They’re lovely figures with tonnes of detail. They even sent a pack of Love Heart Sweets!



At the bottom of the last photo can see a bit of card which I used to airbrush the white pitch lines onto the grass (a lot easier than using a brush!)

Next up I had the two starter teams from the old starter set; Humans and Orcs. For miniatures that are pretty old now they still have some nice detail. The client wanted classic red and blue teams so that’s what I did! He also supplied the original transfers – which saved me painting numbers on, however the Human team numbers were really fiddly as the shoulder pads are rounded and different shapes depending on the player type! They were pretty enjoyable to paint and came out very well for Tabletop quality 🙂

10418267_1064606573565409_3610858231984350574_n 10685792_1064714146887985_4439473488818365393_n 10405554_1064714116887988_9180511899053687707_n 10672100_1065317596827640_8031134089748516469_n

I’d lost the daylight by the final picture but can see the grass has same white pitch stripes applied. IMG_0350