Chaplain Dread and Termi..

And a base!

Ok, been busy today, mostly testing out how I want to do the details on my Deathwing army, so far I’ve been doing a “mega army batch” style of painting but now I’m going back to getting one squad at a time done now that the most difficult colours are sorted.


In between the frequent rain storms and power cuts I managed to get 5 bases under-coated in grey. I then washed them with Badab black, then Devlan Mud, then highlighted back uup with Adeptus Battle Grey and and Codex Grey, before using my mothers Card Making stamps to add some letters. Oh and then a wash of devlan mud in the recesses again.

Here’s the result:


Tested this out today, works pretty good!
Simple colours: Dark Angels Green, then Goblin Green, then Scorpion Green, finally a dot of white. Then I lightly drybrush the surrounding area with scorpion green to give the illusion of light.

Chaplain Dreadnought WIP

Still working on this guy, got the skull, the bolter and the lenses painted today

  • nurglephill

    what i love about this Tim is that its so very simple and yet the effect is applied with such good skill the effect is superb. I asume it takes a bit of planning and a great eye for colours etc. Chappy is AWESOME! and the simple way to get the ight reflecting from the eye lense is genious and so effective. it may even be the best tip i have ever found so .. er.. thanks 🙂

    one thing….whats a card making stamp? lol