Citadel Paints Review

I got to test out the new paints today!

Each shop was sent a small selection of colours, a chart and some nifty little cards, as well as two red paint stations.

The Pot!
The new pot design is fantastic, each paint is sealed with a “dragon tooth” seal, the lip is higher and there’s a small tab that keeps the paint open. The pots are easy to open, but very secure and wont dry out. The new pots are a million times better than the old ones and there’s nothing to complain about there!

Citadel Base Paints
The base paints work lovely, they’re thinner than foundations but the coverage is the same, if not better. The colours are nice and bright compared to the foundations, which was always an annoyance for me as I found the foundations too dark.

Citadel Shades

The shades are brilliant, they took everything good about the washes and made them better, they’re not too harsh or soft and settle in all the places they’re meant too. Plus they don’t smell like something crawled into your wash and died.

Citadel Dry Compounds
I only got to test these a little, but they’re great, easy to use and apply and allows us to drybrush with some of colours we couldn’t because the paints were too thin.

Citadel Layer Paints
I found I didn’t even need to thin the layer paints, and they still gave great coverage. With the huge array of colours these will work lovely.

Citadel Glazes
I only got to test one glaze, but it worked as I expected, like a glaze! Brilliant for the lazy people like myself!

Citadel Texture Paints
Again, brilliant for lazy people like myself, I simply slapped some of this onto the base and Hey Presto, my base was painted. The texture is very natural looking, much better than sand!

Finally they had these very nifty cards, one for each army. So I grabbed one of each 😉

  • Kyle Cruickshank

    Nice review, but also nice to see the cards showing colors to be used for different armies.. hope to be able to pick some up next time I get to a GW store.. 

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