Codex Imperial Knights Review

A new and somewhat different addition to the usual Codexes that Games Workshop produce; Codex Imperial Knights contains the full rules for fielding Imperial Knights in games of Warhammer 40,000. Giving the player the option to field them either as an allied attachment, or as a standalone Primary detachment. Yes, you can have an army of just Imperial Knights!


There’s a lot of background in the book, so much that they apparently had to produce a second book to fit it in (the Imperial Knight Companion). The background is well written and fits nicely into all the existing fluff. They definitely got the feel of Knights as these heroic warriors of old always saving those in need, even though they’re giant walking machines.

There’s also all the background and colour schemes on the different houses of Knights/Nobles, which i feel is missing from most of the newer books these days.


The rules section contains all the necessary rules to use the Knights in normal games of 40k, as well as the rules for super-heavy’s, meaning you don’t need to carry the Escalation book with you. There’s also some optional (I think they’re optional anyway?) rules for use when fielding a Primary detachment of Knights where you roll on a table for each of the knights that isn’t the leader. The results vary from making the Knight worse to mKing the knight awesome. All knights also become scoring units, which is a big thing!


As well as a primary detachment they can be fielded as allies for Imperial Armies (I see Chaos, or Daemon Knights as the Codex describes, appearing soon..) but without taking up your allies slot (think like Lords of War, it’s a new slot)

The book is full of fantastic photography and artwork, and I know that I am tempted to use an army of them…. can fit 4 into 1500 points happily.


  • Rick Fernandez

    I was really hoping that the Freemarch faction would be able to ally with Chaos. Who knows maybe we’ll get a dataslate for it.

  • Dezartfox

    There’s a section in the book mentioning Daemon Knights, so it’ll probably be a forgeworld conversion pack and rules from them, or an additional sprue to convert them from Gw?