Commision: Here Come the Dreads

For the Deathwing commission, I’ve been asked to make 2 Dreadnoughts to plough through some of the larger corridors!
These will be mounted on 4 of my SH bases stuck together in a larger square.

My client also asked for them to have 2 CCW arms, but to have an under-slung Heavy Flamer and Assault cannon. He decided to use the Forge World arms.

Here they are! I used the Ravenwing assault cannon for the right arm, as it has an ammo box and is independent.

  • Docjohn

    Dread, Dread, Dread, Dread. Dread, Dread, Dread, Dread………..
    OK, I'll go away now.

  • clay

    Is that legal o_`o

  • Mart007

    They look cool in that combo of FW and standard dred! Very nice…

    How many squares do these guys take up?

  • Wookielips

    whats the point of taking AssCan's and 2xDCCW/blood talons?

    theres no rules to cover that, that i know of……

  • Dezartfox

    they're not for 40k, more for just display.

    Plus it looks cool 😉

  • snicklefritz