Commission: Deathwing Drop Pod

Almost finished this pain in the rear.

Yeah you can tell I’m not a fan of this model, a pain to build and not fun to paint, the only fun part is the weathering!

  • winterous

    Looks great even though you don't like it.
    I like that you took the centre bit out, because Terminators don't need harnesses to stay afoot 😛

  • nurglephill

    Sweet job Tiiimy 🙂

  • angelusmortifer

    Very interesting. Can I ask what you did for the lower weathering/heat damage effect? That's the one thing that's taxing me at the moment for my BA pods…

  • Dezartfox

    FW's black weathering powder, worked wonders to such a horridly boring
    model! 🙂

  • angelusmortifer

    Cool. I think black will be too stark for my quite bright red but now is the time to start the powder approach I guess.

    It may have been boring mate, but it's come out looking pretty wicked…