Commission: Deathwing Land Raider Complete!

Finally finished the second Land Raider.. a week behind. In fairness it has been sat on my desk just awaiting the tracks all week!

Here’s both together:

I cleared a large section of my desk to take these photos! You can see a whole different bunch of terminators crammed up in the photos.. oh, and the Land Raiders!

  • nurglephill

    Awesome, stunning, amazing, superb, marvelous etc etc.

  • Tye

    Very very very very sweet work!


  • winterous

    They all look great!
    But why a Godhammer?
    And why, out of four Land Raiders, do you NOT have a Redeemer??

  • Dezartfox

    Clients request
    And DA can't take redeemers yet!

  • winterous

    Oooooooh, these aren't for you, they're for that commission, yeah.
    And um, yeah, forgot about that >_>