Commission: Kharn The Betrayer Part 1

Another Commission piece I’m currently working on, a nice quick and simple one whilst I was moving between home and University.
The client asked for it to be similar to the one I made for myself, so I used similar parts to my one; the Khorne Champion from the Fantasy range, Khorne berserker parts and Forge World Khorne parts.

The first step was to clip off his legs at the knees and also his shoulder pad, I tidied up these cuts and stuck on the relevant pieces to make him look more like a 40k figure. The head is just a placer, I’m currently unable to get any of the heads by them selves so the client said he’d locate his own.
A rather simple conversion which I enjoyed doing, the next step is to fill the gaps and neaten up/pin the rest of the parts, then add small details hopefully!
Sorry for the poor photos.. must really set up that photography area..

  • sgtcooter

    Well you mentioned the photos weren't the best, and I hope thats all but… He looks very awkwardly proportioned with those big ol' shoulders and little legs.

    But I'm sure it'll all come together, keep us posted!

  • NecronTed

    It's looking cool so far. There's obviously still a LOT of work to do but it has potential. Good luck and keep up the good work.


  • GoblinBob

    he looks like he's falling lol! Its a pretty unorthodox pose, not too sure if it'll work. I'll hold judgement till its finished though 🙁

  • nurglephill

    well, i think the pose is superb, very khorne! and i have every faith in the final product 😉

    and fix up that photo area!

  • ShrinkToFit

    Lookin good!