Commission: Kharn The Betrayer, Part 2

Kharns Lost his head!
Naah, I’m kidding. He’s being shipped without a head so the client can put his own on there.

Progress is slow as beginning of Uni starts, things will settle down soon.

I somehow found Kharns actual axe in the small selection of bits I took with me to uni, amazing! So I’ve happily stuck that on, my Kharn is now looking slightly jealous of his taller-better-equipped brother, might be why he is being shipped with no head..
Anyway, just a few things to tidy up on this guy and he’s ready to go.

I also went and bought my SECOND Crusader today, afraid she’ll be sat in a box for a couple of days yet. I also purchased a new DA codex (I cant find mine anywhere), the new IG codex and the SW Codex.
So expect some Wolf Wing Vs Deathwing posts soon, along with more of the +Deathwing Tactica+

  • GoblinBob

    I can't wait to read about your insight into the depths of Wolf-Wing versus Deathwing! Should be interesting, though either way, i'll ignore it and get Wolf-Wing.

    Kharns looking great :D, I just love how he's falling off that skull pile, arms flailing and everything, very characterful!

  • Dezartfox

    Damn you! 😉
    He needs a comical head, I imagine the Catachan “rambo” head would fir that theme nicely D:

  • nurglephill

    lovely, i really like the pose too 🙂
    Very angry and fast.

  • sgtcooter

    Cool, so are you doing a thing where you start off a model and the other guy finishes converting it or something then?

    And I can't wait to read up on some new deathwing tactica, they say teaching is the best way to learn :]