Commission: Kharn the Betrayer, ptI

Started work on the Kharn the betrayer conversion I’ve been commissioned to do, almost finished!
The skulls still need doing, as well as the gore

  • Sander Spenkelink

    Looks impressive man,

    Cant wait to see Marneus Calgar and his squad.

  • Mart

    very nice fella, and good work on the base! This guy is gonna be as good if not better than your last one!

  • Anonymous

    so many almost identical kharns have you done now?! 😛

  • tyler

    Another nice job. Where do you get all those FW heads for your conversions?

  • Randy

    He is a great model, but Kharn weilds Gorechild in his LEFT hand, read Betrayer (40k novel) or listen to “Chosen of Khorn”. Nonetheless VERY WELL DONE.

  • Dezartfox

    Huh I never knew that! Thanks!