Commission: Nurgle Vindicators

My good friend Phill has asked me to make him not one, but six Nurgle Vindicators to go with his gigantic Nurlge army. Phill is truly crazy… then again so am I!

We discussed a few things and what he wants is a sort of Hellcannon like cannon on a Rhino chassis, he wants it looking more mechanical than organic but still have the faces on the barrels. Eventually we came to a conclusion of that I’ll build a master copy and then cast it using resin.

This is a big project, he’s not desperate for them right away so this will be a sort of “I’m bored and want something to do” spare time project spanning over a few months.

I did a few sketches as ideas, these are pretty rough with just a marker pen and scraggy pencil I had lying around.
This was the first concept

He told me he wanted it more mechanical than organic so I lost the spikes and decided on big dented panels with rivets

I’ll probably do some better sketches of the final design later this week now I HAVE NO MODELS HERE AT ALL *cries*.. where’s my Space Hulk.. *cries more*

  • Fire_Harte

    Hey tim it's Gideon, will follow the progress on these and everything else quite readily as it's all cool and such.


  • nurglephill

    I have been looking over both pics and I am growing to like the teeth and spines…but as iron work details rather than 'real'. But…I think I would prefer to do that bit myself if that's ok? This way you can make the master model (the HARD bit!) and I can add a little touch here and there to each one to make them less identical.