Commission: The Deathwing are BACK

Started another commission this month, another Deathwing army!

This one is a little different, they’re being made for Space Hulk, and will be based on my upcoming Space Wreck Board bases.
I have a few different sets for these, and even if they’re not that popular with the public I’ll be using them for all my SH projects!

For this commission I’ve been asked to make three squads of terminators, a Chaplain, Belial and 2 Dreadnoughts. The client was specific about a few conversions,pieces used and squad equipment, but after that I had a free reign for poses etc.

Here are the three squads and character:

Yes they are my colourful hair bobbles!

  • Jeff

    What is that on the chappy's head?

  • scarylion

    Is that Conehead from silent Hill??

  • snicklefritz

    Yes!!! More deathwing. Looking forward to checkin in.

  • Jacob Oveson

    Yeah, I played a deathwing list today and smacked my friend's orks around for 4 turns. He gave up because I had killed 6 kill points, forcing him to table me if he wished for victory 🙂

    Deathwing are fantastic.