Completed Ogre Kingdoms Army

This morning I finished up the bases on the Ogre Kingdoms commission I’ve been working on for the last few days. If you want to see the other articles on the army I’ve linked them below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This army was painted to my Table top level of commissions which consists of mix of airbrush, base coats, washes, glazes and weathering resulting in a great looking army for minimal cost. Can find out more on my commissions page!

The basing technique I mentioned in the last post (part 4) was left to completely dry overnight. I added some tufts from various manufacturers (none of the packaging has labels anymore.. 😉 ) and then I brushed the entire base with forge world dark sand weathering powders. As the bases aren’t touched that often there’s no need to seal it. Finally I painted the rims black to match the Empire army they’ll be allied with.

On the Thundertusk I went an extra step and decided to add a frosty aura coming from the feet to match his (or her?) background, I drybrushed some white around the feet and brushed with blue powder.

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  • greggles

    This army looks fantastic for a tabletop quality level. Definitely tabletop plus for sure! I’m sure the client is super pleased!

  • Tim D

    Looks great, the yellow warpaint/tats stands out better than I thought it would. And the frost around the Thundertusk’s feet is a awesome touch

  • Dezartfox

    Thanks guys!