Conflict Scotland: Results!

Ok I haven’t got the FULL results yet. But I know our position well enough!

Despite the event running late and the organisation a bit lacking in places, it was a good day out. Me and Darklighter (my team partner) got up for 4am and sat on a coach for almost 5 hours!

For those that can’t remember, our list was:

Darklighters Tau:

Tau Commander (lower points ones)
– Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Hard Wired Multi Tracker, Positional Relay.

10 Firewarriors
– Shasui with bonding knife
10 Firewarriors
– Shasui with bonding knife

Hammer Head
– Rail Gun, Burst cannons, multi tracker, disruption field.

Dezartfox’s Space Marines:

10 Assault Terminators
– Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields

5 Scouts
– CCW’s and pistols,
– Sergeant with Power Weapon
– Heavy Bolter with Hellfire shells.

(You can click and drag the pictures around)

The missions for each game were the deployment type and mission type of the same roll (so game 1 was pitched battle and D3+2 objectives, the last annihilation and DOW)
First game was against Imperial Guard and Blood Angels, it consisted of 2 tactical squads (one with plasma cannon and powersword, other with fist and lascannon) and a scout squad with an assortment of weapons. The Guard army had a Leman Russ, 2 infantry squads with no weapons and a Command Platoon with a flag and melta (that was listed as his HQ.. so I think his list was illegal but we wast sure so didn’t query it), and Vendetta that looked like a Valkyrie.
They got first turn and blew the hammer head from the air, and in return the Tau commander blew the Vendetta from the sky, killing 7 of the 10 guardsmen inside, who were then blasted by advancing FW’s.
All our games were cut short due to bad time organisation.. so the last few turns were rushed and I can’t remember most of the stuff.. The Terminators happily pounded through the tactical squads, but it took them a few turns due to bad dice rolls. In the end we wiped them off the table and held most of the objectives. First Win!

Second game was by far the toughest. We were against Guard and Eldar. The IG had 4 units of 10 guardsmen that he combined into 2 units of 20, a unit of Psykers with a commissar and a Chimera with a Stubber that they rode in, and Marbo. The Eldar had a Farseer, a Guardian squad with a brightlance, 2 D-cannon platforms and some Warpsiders. Mission was Bases and quarters, They set up in a big bunch in a line protecting their base, with the command platoon sat on their objective.
We decided to deploy all 10 terminators in combat squads, both to go and hold up a unit of guarsdmen each. Some bad dice rolls meant nearly all of the termies died or didn’t hit in combat (5 dice.. 4 1’s) so it was up to the sergeant to hold a unit in combat for as long as possible:

The deepstruck the spiders and Marbo right next to the Firewarriors on our objective, throwing the Demo charge onto them. Luckily it bounced off and landed ontop of the Spider unit and killed most of them! The FW’s were able to take care of the rest with the Tau Commander kicking the exarch to death.
The Tau Hammerhead won us the game, it stayed out of range of the D-cannons and the Brightlance all game, took a shot at the IG Command squad sat on the objective and killed them all, and then killed all the Guardians that were running onto the objective. The sergeant holding up the squad closest to the objective. In the Pic you can just see the flag poking out behind the rock.
So a second win to us!

Third game was against 2 tyranid armies. One had a Flying Hive tyrant, 9 Genestealers, and 18 Gargoyles. The other had 2 units of Termagaunts, a unit of Hormagaunts, a HQ Warrior thing and 3 zoanthropes.
The Tyrant smashed into the unit of 10 Terminators after reducing them to WS1 with his powers, this wasn’t enough to save him as he only took one down and was then smashed from the sky. The Termies then swept into the Gargoyles in the following turn and batted them from the sky too whilst the Tau took out the rest of the army and even fought off some Hormagaunts in combat! We wiped them from the table without losing a unit, so full KP’s to us!
Win three!

After winning all three games were were hopeful, but with being on Table 6 in the last round we knew there were people ahead of us with more KP’s.

First up they announced the Best Painted armies, and we won the 40k Best Painted Army! Only one trophy though… Huh. I let Darklighter have it as I already have one from Throne of Skulls.

We ended up in 3rd place overall, which wasn’t bad at all. Then someone told us that we should be first!
In the rules pack it says you get an additional point for winning Best Army, so we were the only team with the full 10 points!
We waited until after the announcements to tell the organisers as we didn’t want to interrupt and take away someone else’s trophies (As playing wise they did come higher). They said they were sorry and it was a mistake and that we SHOULD have come first. They said that they’ll correct the results online and put a clarification up or something. Also they’ll get some trophies sent to us!

So we came FIRST and won Best Painted Army!. Damn good weekend if you ask me!

Here are all the pictures I took from the weekends event:

Tau’Va Baby!!

  • wolfs16

    Wow! Great battle report. Both the armies looked great and it seems like you guys really had down how to use some serious team work.

    Now can you Gue'la see that only through unity in service of the Greater Good can we prevail? 😉

  • fuzzbuket

    your army looked AMAZING, as did kharn!! the models looked sooo much better in real life!

  • Skcuzzlebumm

    Well done Tim!!!

    1st place and best army, nice.

    Re: the time issues, every time I went to any Conflict it was always the same, the organisers don't seem to know really what they are doing and things always get a bit rushed and messed up.

  • ferran81

    Congratulations on the win, glad you had a nice time. Some fellow on Dakka isn't quite as charitable as yourself when it comes to issues of timekeeping and general disorganisation… (and I probably wouldn't be either)

  • Dezartfox

    Yeah that'll be one of the guys off our coach, whereas me and darklighter are both laid back about the thing we still grumbled a bit, but we'll still probably go next year.
    We're a little annoyed that we didn't get to hold the trophy high and thank the dice gods…

  • Dezartfox

    Cheers 🙂
    I think its because most of the staff are GW employees.. That go on the coach, so they arrive at the same time as the players, leaving zero time to set up, plus there only briefed on the day, I know our staff member didn't have clue what he was meant to be doing! Plus he only got paid for normal hours.. Not the 10 hours travelling!

  • Dezartfox

    Cheers 🙂 kharn and gazbag made it to the final cut but no wins, ah well! XD

  • Dezartfox

    Bah it was the termies that took all the firepower… And that was the battleplan.. Everything focuses on the termies whilst the tau go and sit on objectives and shoot a lot!
    Looking back on the games, we felt we should have kept the termies as 1 big squad of 10 in all the games..

  • wolfs16

    Typical Imperial propaganda… 😀

    In all seriousness though, congrats on the win. Your Terminators just keep looking better and better!

  • mart007

    I really think they should have reannouced the winners… I know they cocked up but im sure the people who they had to take off the trophies would have moaned a bit.. but they would have got over it!

    Sounds like a baaad thing and annoying when you travelled so far… but great on the win!! Are you taking that combo to WW doubles?

  • nurglephill

    Well done sir..well done indeed!

    You are my hero..but you knew that already ::

  • Sholto

    Congrats on the win! Go, Tau!

    I went last year (Tau and IG) but didn't go back this year. The organisation last year was totally unacceptable, and it sounds like despite making improvements they are still nowhere near good enough to tempt me (and my money) back. Sad, as doubles is fun.

  • fuzzbuket

    ah the same fate fell to my diorama (angels of redemption vs nids :D) but youll do better next year no doubt!

  • winterous

    So you won, AND you won 😀
    Well done!

  • fuzzbuket

    it was better this year AND there was this… yes sculptors 😀 and grahme mcniel 😀

  • Dezartfox

    Those sculpts were lovely 🙂 I hope that that Ork Warboss gets produced..
    fantastic model!

  • Bethany Evans

    thanks for putting my Witch Hunters army, my teammates Space Wolves and my brothers Orks online, much apreciated.

  • Horus Aximand

    Very beautiful work guys, as usual. I am impressed.

    Not impressed how our Emperor's Children pink army of doom isn't there though :L

  • ipityu

    wow, you really need the glory don't you?

    you must be really lacking in self confidence

  • CorelDorn

    Some Nice armies, so pleased when I saw my Sisters of Battle on here.

    Congrats on the win too guys