Dark Angel Scouts Commission

Quick small commission at the “Above Tabletop Standard”. A unit of 10 Space Marine Scouts of the Dark Angels chapter armed with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks.

I really like the Sniper scouts compared to the normal scouts. The models are a little chunky and plain compared to the newer releases but I don’t see them getting re-done anytime soon unfortunately… especially as the same style sculpts are on bikes and a landspeeder.

10574371_1004962892863111_4015511135850849238_n1522289_1004962869529780_6970239336388424833_n10347551_1004962922863108_3083653117948490548_n   10551078_1004962942863106_8155182143842901714_n10599500_1004962969529770_6487807612805832069_n10606414_1004962989529768_4383184315705914083_n1459724_1004963032863097_7936959267151266336_n

I went with a “Splinter Cell” theme with the goggles and lenses, similar to my Angels of Redemption Scouts but this time a lot brighter. The glow effect is simply the area you want glowing painted white and then Forged Monkey Dayglow Pigment made into a wash with airbrush thinner and layered over and around the source.