Dataslate: Tyranid Vanguard Rising Leviathan 1 Review


The first in a series of three data slates for the Tyranids, ‘Rising Leviathan’ details how Hive Fleet Leviathan infiltrated and attacked the world of Satys.

I purchased the dataslate on iTunes and am using the iPad mini with retina display for viewing. The dataslate cost £9.99 and within it describes the first part of the Tyranid invasion, 5 new Tyranid formations and 2 new narrative missions to play based on the background in the first part of the book.



The background section of the dataslate details the planet of Satys and its origins, as well as the forces deployed there already and why. The planet is of great importance to the imperium due to the anti-radiation medicines the planet produces, due to this it has two regiments of Catachans garrisoned on the planet as well as small contingency of Space Marines from the Aurora Chapter.

Formations and Rules

The dataslate contains five new non-apocalypse formations to use alongside the Tyranid Codex. None of these have a cost associate with them other that the units they must contain, and whilst the rules you get from the formations are (some-what) good, the amount of models you need isn’t. For example two of the formations you’re required to have 5 Lictors. I very much doubt any Tyranid players own this many Lictors.. the second two formations are based around Genestealers, and whilst they provide some good and interesting rules, such as being able to deploy 6″ away when infiltrating, you can only have minimal sized squads of 5 Genestealers. The other (and probably best out of the book) is based on the Broodlord and three squads of Genestealers, just normal squads but when arriving from reserve they can either deploy in an empty building or in a ruin if there are no enemy with 6″.


The last formation details how the Gargoyle Broods were bringing forward Spore Mine Clusters during the retreat to the main city by the Catachans and Marines. This formation requires 3 brood of Gargoyles and some spore mines, it allows the spore mines to move 6″ if they’re near the Gargoyles. Decent but limited in use.


I haven’t taken a close look at the missions, but they have a table for random events in the semi-sentient forests that the initial fighting starts in, as well as the fighting underground with the genestealers and catachans.


The entire dataslate screams narrative play to me, there’s not a lot that’s competitive in normal games. The background is a good read and everything fits together really well for narrative games. I’m definitely interested in what the other two dataslates in the series will contain. My only gripe is the price… Ok Apple take their cut of the sale but £9.99 I feel is a little too much for what you get. I think at £6.99 or £7.99 people would be more inclined to purchase them. A solid read and good for campaign players, but not a necessity for Tyranid players.

  • Lokenoth

    Its great to see an positive review post for once, (without any lapsing into the GW evil empire crap most people do) and I assume that the Broodlord and 3 Genestealer packs formation is to replace the old Ymgarl Genestealers? And the Ebook on the Android store is £8.99