Deathwing: 1500pt Army list 6th Edition and Tactics

With the release of the new Dark Angels Codex yesterday I have written a new Deathwing army list! I thought I had resisted the temptation all this week but I finally caved and have decided to revisit the army. I’ve painted easily over a hundred Deathwing terminators over the last few years through various commissions and projects, all starting with my original Deathwing Army and my Angels of Redemption. You can see all my Deathwing related posts here

Previous Deathwing Army!

Anywho, the NEW ARMY!

– Sword of Silence and Stormbolter

– Terminator Armour
– Force Axe
– Mastery Level 2

Deathwing Command Squad
– Deathwing Champion
– Plasma Cannon
– Standard of Fortitude (Sacred Standard)

Deathwing Knights
– 8 Deathwing Knights

Deathwing Terminator Squad
– Assault Cannon

Deathwing Terminator Squad
– Assault Cannon


The main tactic of the list will revolve around the Standard of Fortitude bubble. For readers without the book it grants a 12″ bubble of FNP similar to a Sanguinary Priest. It’s a bit pricey at 85pts but if it saves 2 terminators then it’s made its points!
The wording on Deathwing Assault is a bit unclear whether the entire army can deepstrike, or half of it, but this will still work anyway. The Command squad will land first with the librarian, probably on a flank. Then Belial and the unit of Knights will land within 12″ of the banner, using Belial’s no-scatter rule to make sure they land in a decent place.
The other two squads will either deepstrike nearby too, or walk forwards depending on the ruling of Deathwing Assault. They will sit on objectives and the assault cannons will be on anti aircraft duty when needed, combining the powers from the Librarian (Prescience of course) to become twin linked. Most aircraft should both the army that much, but mass fire from fliers like Necron scythes will hurt.
The Librarian, as mentioned, will take Divination powers, as all but powers 5 and 6 are very useful for the army. Re-rolling to hit from the primaris power is as useful as a Chaplain for the Knights!

More soon!

  • Martin Barrow

    Well I will look foward to it – always seen it your benchmark army!

  • Porkandbeans

    what happened to the ravenwing you were building ?

  • Dezartfox

    They’re in their case still! Used them a couple of times and realised they sucked a bit… and I roll a lot of ones for plasma 😀

    I’ve been writing up new lists, but they all involve a lot of money to be invested in the army 🙁 So they might get demoted to double wing army as my command squad is useless now xD

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