Deathwing 6th Edition Army (1)

A few days ago I posted the list for my new shiny Deathwing Army using the new Dark Angels Codex.

Well the models arrived from Games Workshop today (despite all the snow!) and this evening I have been glueing away 🙂

So we have the Deathwing Command Squad, all with shoulder shield things, the big banner and Champion. I added a Plasma Cannon to this squad just so I got to use it in the army!
The First unit of Deathwing Terminators is converted Dark Vengeance miniatures, odd powerfist change and chopped off the wings from the sergeant and added a new pair.
The second unit is completely made using the new kit. There’s some cool bits in the new set, and also some weirdly posed powerfists!

Finally the unit of Knights! These guys are really cool and I love the sinister look they have. I even remembered to match up the shoulder pads to the shields!

  • Martin Barrow

    blimey, I managed one marine last night!