Deathwing: Banner Bearer and Apothecary

Finally starting the Commission, I’ve got my two favourite terminator models built, these guys are as much characters as Belial and the Chaplain are as they’re completely different to the other terminators.
So first up is the Banner Bearer.
I used the Space Marine Command Squad Banner and pole for this guy, chopped off a Thunder hammer and pinned the pole hand to the stump, I had to clip a small amount off the bottom of the pole, but once it’s based it’ll look like it’s embedded in the ground for stability. I used the larger shield like with my terminator banner bearer but didn’t have it so close to his chest, makes the model look bigger and more menacing where as mine looks.. patriotic? Can see my one here.

(Found my old terrain piece in my cupboard, makes a good display stand!)

Next up is the Apothecary, I used a Thunder hammer shield arm with an old beefier marine hand stuck to it, then random bits to make his tools, feel like he needs something else on top of his hand.. which I’ll sort eventually. The light on his back is the top of the Teleport homer from the Terminator box set stuck onto a marine backpack vent. I gave him a Thunder hammer as I regret giving mine a Stormbolter game wise, makes him more survivable.

Here they are together:

You’ll notice neither have bases, the army is going to be based normally (not space hulk themed), and after my last army it’s a lot easier to paint the legs when there’s no base in the way.

Final thing, I’m covering this commission blog in more detail over on Minus 1 Modifier, they have some fantastic members over there with some great work, go check them out!

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  • Jeff_Dow

    I've been hoping to see how you built your deathwing army in full! I'll enjoy watching this project develop, and be hoping for lots of tutorials…

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