Deathwing: Chaplain Dreadnought Part 1

So yesterday I went out into the snow in my hobby shorts to prime to Dreadnoughts ready to paint.
No idea how the spray paint would react in such cold weather.. but it all went well.

Normally I spray each part, flip it over and spray the the other side, however due to weather I decided to take a more professional approach and pin each part to a piece of wood so I could cover all the areas without touching the pieces.

Last time I painted this Chaplain Dreadnought I primed him black, painted the armour then painted in all the greys, byt the third Dreadnought I realised it was easier to prime the dread grey, paint the armour, neaten up the grey then carry on. Saved a shed load of painting time!

So I’ve done the same again, primed both of them grey, filled in the armour.

This was the progress after a couple of hours:

I accidentally picked up 4 pots of Badab black instead of 2 Devlan Mud and two black.. or I left the mud at my flat (currently back home).
So progress is currently halted until I can get some more. Going to work on the other Dreadnought for now, and then the Command squad.
Three weeks of Christmas holiday, with little else to do other than paint. Bliss.

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