Deathwing Commission 2013 (1)

Slowly plodding away with the Deathwing Commission after having a little break. All the squads and vehicles are now built and primed. photo 1052582_714532095239527_978846820_o.jpg

 photo 979889_714542678571802_1907029806_o.jpg

 photo 1025499_714869385205798_1622367993_o.jpg


Here’s a little trick that I use on Landraiders to keep the hatches/turrets in place. I widen the hole a tiny bit with a round file, and super glue a 5 pence piece to the bottom, this fits through the widened hole and helps keep the hatches in place when picking the tank up.

 photo 1047961_714662435226493_1578008000_o.jpg

Everything is now primed a nice shade of grey, hopefully by Friday they’ll all be a bone colour!